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Vapes and Exotic Carts

Welcome to Med Cannabis Weed Store, your go-to Maine Based Medical Marijuana Delivery Service! located within the heart of Southern Maine, we serve the Sanford/Springvale & Surrounding York County Areas!

Med Cannabis weed store goal will never change – we attempt to inspire the evolution of cannabis through education & safe products. Our focus is to supply the foremost positive experience with cannabis, from flower to concentrates Possible.

We encourage everyone to urge involved. The Maine Cannabis Experience is now becoming a force that’s inspiring the change we are beginning to see everywhere the world. We are proud to still be a neighborhood of that change. Come join us as we create new and exciting products, open new doors and alter the planet.

We invite you to hitch us, learn, and safely explore the Maine Cannabis Experience.

Whether visiting our online store to find out more or becoming a part of the Med Cannabis Weed  Store Family, we would like you to feel cared for, recognized as a crucial member of our community, and to remain inspired to be positive ambassadors for cannabis.

Not forgetting our roots as medical cannabis patients ourselves, many folks have endured the stigma imposed on us by the prohibition. The Owner of Med Cannabis Weed Store himself Has Suffered from Type 1 Diabetes & Gastroparesis for over 10 years and knows first hand how important it’s to possess Natural, Quality Medicine. Today, the Med cannabis weed store features a safe and cozy location where we are dedicated to making a positive cannabis experience by providing a wise alternative to alcohol and prescribed drugs. We honor you as a progressive and courageous force of change.

vapes and exotic carts

Live Resin Vape Cart

We’re proud to bring you one among the sole full spectrum resin carts on the market. Through our proprietary extraction process utilizing sub-zero temperatures, we preserve the pure elements of every strain while turning up the potency.

Now, all the weather of every of our flower strains is available at your fingertips during a handy on-the-go cartridge. With an enhanced potency, full-spectrum cannabinoid profile, and killer taste, it’s a pure expression of cannabis that’ll elevate your mind and take you to a different galaxy.

Atomic by Bomb Seeds may be a deep blend of potent genetics. OG Kush was crossed with Chemdawg, which was then crossed with THC Bomb to make Atomic. This blend of THC-dominant genetics lends Atomic potency that isn’t meant for everybody.

Be warned that this intense high hits with a rush to the top and settles into a long-lasting body stone that evaporates stress and worries. Atomic features a fair yield and a Kushy flavor that’s thick with gas and forest aromas. Enjoy Atomic after you clear your schedule as its effects may change your plans.


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