Dab Face Cartridge


Dab Face Syringe (cartridges): High-quality Cannabis Oil Extract Applicator

minimum order 10 pens


Dab Face Cartridge

Dab Face Cartridge

We are a wholesale supplier for all kinds of oil for vapor pen. We concentrate on vape cartridges, batteries, disposables and custom wax for vapor pen packaging. We leverage 40 years of experience in importing/exporting and merchandise development, giving us the experience to show any of your ideas into a reality. vape cartridge

Our wax for vapor pen rigorously and frequently test our suppliers + samples to make how much does a vapor pen cost sure our products exceed industry quality standards. We pride ourselves on our work and are pleased to supply a 100% replacement guarantee dab face cartridges and oil for vapor pen

With offices in Dalian, China and l. a. , CA – we work round the clock to make sure that our customers receive the simplest service possible!

We cannot succeed without ensuring our customers succeed first. That’s why we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you are not only getting the simplest wholesale vaping products but also the very best level of service possible to know how much does a vapor pen cost

American Flower vape Cartridge

Our mission is to be the leading and most trusted source of cannabis-based extracts, concentrates and derivative products for consumer and industrial markets.

When you purchase a Dab Face Cartridge American Flower product you’ll be assured that each step of that product’s journey from seed to sale was handled with the utmost care and in complete compliance with California state regulations. Our passion for delivering only the simplest cannabis products is reinforced at every level including real-time lab testing information and potency results, posted right our product pages


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